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Sears Island in the Courts. Most recent action: September 8, 2010 Judge Jeffrey Hjelm dismisses Huber, et al, v MDOTcase for lack of state action on port. Ruling allows case to be re-filed if state gets port applicant. Media Coverage

Earlier defeated Sears Island Port Plans
Governor John Baldacci's LNG Port Proposal Plan 2004-2005
Governor Angus King's Woodchip Port Plan 1992-1996
Governor Joe Brennan's cargoport plan. 1985

FOIA'd Government Documents about Sears Island 2009 & earlier.

Sears Island Google News Search *** Google Blog Search

Sears Island & Searsport Shores Beach Seining Expedition. 2009 results.

Sears Island Youtube videos

Audio and photos from the Sears Island at the Opera event 8/8/09. Media coverage ** Blog coverage


Latest Bay Blog Sears Island entries


State accepts consultant report "proving" Mack Point not suitable for container port operation.

Photos of Western Sears Island - the Sacrifice Zone October 08 and November 2008 ___ Aerial photos and maps. ___

The consensus Deal of Shame and Maine Coast Heritage Trust's illegal easement over your public land.(2.4mb pdf)

Earlier rulings. 5/15/09: Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Hjelm consolidated all three cases to Waldo County Court

Audio recordings of meetings and hearings of Maine Legislature's Transportation Committee and MDOT's Sears Island Joint Use Planning Committee, 2007-2009 (mp3s) JUPC Agendas & Meeting Summaries, 2007-2008 and JUPCOfficial Documents 2007-2009

Sears Island Media Archive 1980's -1990s

Sears Island WERU Debate: Sierra Club v. Fair Play for Sears Island.

Audio mp3: Governor Angus King blames eelgrass for stopping his Sears Island port plan in1996 on Maine Public Radio.